Brow Game microblading in New York

MICROBLADING IS A FORM OF SEMI-PERMANENT makeup that provides a means to partially or fully disguise missing eyebrow hair with the appearance of simulated hair. This is done by using fine deposits of cosmetic tattoo pigments in a crisp, hair-like stroke. This technique may be used to create definition, cover gaps/scars, extend eyebrows or fully reconstruct eyebrows for someone with little to no eyebrow hair. Pigment will remain anywhere from 1-3 years, depending on different factors such as: skin type, elements, and post procedural care. Over time, the strokes can blur and fade and will need to be refreshed. It is recommended that you schedule an annual touch up to keep your eyebrows looking fresh.

THE PROCEDURE BEGINS WITH A CONSULTATION. You and your artist will evaluate your eyebrows and discuss your expectations. Although, it is typically a good idea to bring eyebrow inspiration, we will customize your eyebrows to best fit your features and facial shape.
The procedure begins with developing your desired shape by mapping out your eyebrows with cosmetic tools and drawn on with a pencil for a stencil reference. This will give you a chance to collaborate with your artist to modify your shape before beginning.

NEXT, YOUR ARTIST WILL USE a topical anesthetic to limit discomfort and like all forms of cosmetic tattooing, if performed correctly, the procedure causes minimal discomfort. Next, your artist will begin the procedure by placing pigments in the dermis with the use of a manual hand tool with attached needles fused together. The needles used come in a variety of diameters so that the thickness of each individual hair stroke can be customized to each client depending on the width of their natural hairs as to make the Microblading process look more natural.

EACH EYEBROW IS CUSTOM and each Microblading stroke is applied individually. This allows the artist to control the shape, color, and density of the completed eyebrows. Your artist will use individual strokes in the area drawn previously to plot the shape and style requested. Each color choice is client-specific and is mixed using a natural selection of pigments to compliment hair color and skin tone.

Immediately post treatment, your artist will apply a barrier cream to your eyebrow area. There is no need to wash this off, because it is there to prevent any infections from the elements.

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